High Utility Bill? 3 Bad Habits That Are Raising Your Cooling Bill In The Summer

Utility bills tend to creep up as the temperature outside rises. While it's normal to expect a slight increase in your cooling bill when it's hot outside, you might be paying more than you should. This is especially true if your bill rises dramatically during warmer months. What's more, your bad habits could be the reason your bill becomes bigger when you're running your air conditioning. Following are three bad habits that can raise your cooling bill in the summer. 

Neglecting Maintenance and Upgrades

Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance. In addition to having it inspected and serviced annually, you should make sure you change your furnace filter every month or every other month, depending on how dirty it gets in that amount of time. If you don't, it will be difficult for air to pass through your system, which will not only make your air conditioner work harder, but it also will produce less cool air. The end result? Your air conditioner will run harder and longer, resulting in higher energy bills for you. 

If your system is older, you can save money on your utility bills by upgrading to a newer, energy-efficient unit. In fact, you could use up to 70 percent less energy to run an energy-efficient model than you would use to run select older models.

Failing to Turn on the Vent

You pump heat and steam into your home on a daily basis. Showering, cooking, laundering and doing chores all produce heat and steam. Fortunately, bathroom vents and stove hoods will get rid of the excess heat and steam for you, but you have to turn them on for them to do their job. If you habitually forget to use the vents in your home, you're wasting money while cooling your home. 

Allowing Cool Air to Escape

If you or your children are constantly opening windows and doors, you're making it harder for your unit to keep your home cool. Open doors and windows make your home hotter by allowing cool air to escape and by allowing warm air to enter your house. Be sure to keep your house closed up while running your air conditioner to keep costs down. 

As you can see, there are several bad habits that could be making your utility bill higher when it gets hot outside. To keep your bill as low as possible, be sure to perform regular maintenance on your unit, turn on your house vents and keep your doors and windows closed. Contact a company like Pride Mechanical Heating and AC for more information.