How To Clean Your Air Vents And Ducts

Over time, air conditioners can become less effective, making your home less energy efficient. If you have noticed that you need to run your air conditioner on a higher setting, you might need invest in a new air conditioner. However, before you invest in a new air conditioner, you should clean your ducts and air vents. If your ducts and vents are dirty or clogged, your entire air conditioning system can become less efficient. This article will explain how you can clean your ducts and vents on your own to make your system more efficient before you invest in a new air conditioner.

Cleaning Your Vents

The first step is to clean your vents and air registers. The most effective way to clean them is to remove them from the walls. You can clean the vents with pressurized air or a water hose. This is the best way to clean out the tight areas between the vents. You should also clean the vent with some household cleaner. This will prevent the formation of mold that can cause allergies or other health problems. Before you reattach the vents, you will want to clean the ducts.

Cleaning Your Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts can be a little more tricky. First, you will need a long extension pole to clean deep inside the ducts. You can buy dusters that have a universal fitting so you can attach them to a painter's extension pole. If you do not have an extension pole or attachment duster, you might have to get creative. Look for a long pole, like a broom. You can tape a few rags to the end of a broom stick to get the job done. In fact, this can be more effective than a duster, because you can soak the rags in household cleaners. This is the best way to get any mold or dust that might be stuck to the sidewall of the ducts.

After your ducts are clean, you can reattach the vents and air registers. Then, you can run your air conditioner and enjoy much greater air flow. If you do not notice greater air flow, you might need to invest in a new air conditioner. It can be an expensive investment, but it can save you money in the long run. New air conditioners are more energy efficient. You will be able to keep your home cool during the hotter summer months. Speak with experts like Timmerman's Heating & Air Conditioning for more advice.