3 Things You Should Do To Prepare Your HVAC System For Summer

Summer isn't even here yet, yet you might be finding yourself already getting ready to start up your AC unit. However, there is a checklist you should perform when getting ready to start up your air conditioning system for the first time after winter. This can prevent problems from occurring when you need your unit most. Here are some things to check, such as...

Change Your Filters

After a long winter, it is a great idea to replace your filters as they've probably gotten quite dirty while sitting around unused. Just remember the filters inside your home's ducts aren't the only filters you need to change, in fact the blower unit outside also has filters that will need to be changed as well. After you get your filters in working order you should remember to change them every month to keep your AC unit working at maximum capacity.

Remove Debris From Your Blower Unit

While you're changing out the filter outside you should take the time to clean the unit as well. The AC unit works best when it has a clear and unobstructed airflow. Luckily, this is a lot simpler then it would seem as you can usually just take a garden hose to the unit and wash out any leaves, dirt, or other kinds of debris. While you may be tempted to use some sort of industrial cleaner on the unit if it seems particularly dirty, this really is usually an unnecessary step.

This would also be a good opportunity to check to make sure all the belts inside the unit are in working order as well. In any of the belts seem frayed or damaged in any ways you should get them replaced immediately and have a technician come out an replace it.

Check the Ductwork Out

Like the blower outside, the ducts are a very important place to check out as well. The first thing you should do is check the registers which allow airflow into the home. These are where you installed the filters in the wall access areas. It is a good idea to make sure that no rugs or furniture are in the way of these openings.

You should also check the inside of your vents as well; if you notice any mold or if the unit is extremely dirty, you will probably have to contact a professional to give you a full duct cleaning. This will keep the unit running at optimal levels and also provide the cleanest possible air for you and your family.

These few simple steps will keep your summer feeling comfortable in the coming months.