2 Reasons To Consider Radiant Heating Over Forced-Air

Radiant heating is a great option to consider if you are trying to decide if you should install a new heating system in your home. This heating option can improve the quality of the air in your home, while also making your home more energy efficient than if you installed a traditional forced-air system.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest reasons to consider installing a radiant heating system in your home is that it is generally more energy efficient than the alternatives, particularly forced-air heating. This is because a radiant system can be set up in zones so that you only heat rooms in your home that are currently in use. For example, you can setup a night-time zone that will only heat the bedrooms, and another zone to heat the kitchen, living room, and other living spaces during the day.

With most forced-air systems, you will not be able to set up heating zones, which will result in you heating every room in your house at once. This is not very energy efficient because it means that you will be wasting energy heating rooms that are not in use.

Forced-air systems are also not very energy efficient because they can lose heat through any gaps or openings in the duct system. However, this duct loss process is not possible with a radiant system because it does not use ducts.

Improved Air Quality

Another great reason to consider radiant heating is that it can greatly improve the environment within your home. With a forced-air heating system, it is not uncommon for the air quality within your home to degrade as dust and allergens are spread throughout the home whenever the heating system turns on.

Those dust particles and allergens can easily lead to all manner of health issues in your home. For example, respiratory issues can become worse over time, and people within your home can begin to be sick more often. Thankfully, these issues are not a problem with a radiant heating system as it does not blow air throughout your home, which means that it will not add any allergens or dust to the air.

Speak to an HVAC service like Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services today in order to discuss the many benefits that installing a radiant system in your home can provide. A radiant system is a great choice because it can make your home energy efficient and a healthy place to live.