Your Home May Have Polluted Air ~ Improving Indoor Air Quality

If you are a property owner, you may be surprised to learn that it is possible for the air inside your home to be polluted. This is a scary thought when you consider that your home is an enclosed area. Exposure to multiple types of pollutants can aggravate allergies and cause other types of sickness. However, you can combat these pollutants with air filters and maintaining your air ducts to ensure clean air inside your home.

Types of Indoor Air Pollutants

The key to choosing the correct type of filter is understanding which pollutants could be present in your home. For example, if you frequently use hair spray and other chemicals, it would be ideal to have filters in place that trap vapors and odors. If you have pets or have seen signs of mold, it would be ideal to have filters in place that can trap larger pollutants. Here are the main types of pollutants to be aware of:

  • Microorganisms - Examples are mold spores, viruses, bacteria and dust mites. 
  • Odors and Vapors - Examples are cleaning agents, odors from cooked food, perfume and smoke.
  • Particles - Examples are pollen, pet dander and dust. 

Types of Filters

The best filter for you may be different than the best type for someone else. This is because different types of filters are effective at trapping different types of pollutants, and you need a filter that is capable of trapping the pollutant that is most abundant in your home. 

  • HEPA Filters - These filters are ideal for capturing larger particles.
  • Pleated filters - These filters are seen in furnaces. The thickness of the pleats aids in efficiency and trapping small particles. 
  • Electrostatic Filters - These filters are ideal for trapping smaller particles. 

Improving Air Quality Even More

Investing in an electronic air cleaner is a good option for people who know that their homes do not have optimal air quality. If you are looking for the most cost effective option, invest in a unit that has a washable filter.

Duct cleaning is another important aspect of improving the air quality in your home. Filters will not filter out all of the pollutants in your home. The excess pollutants accumulate on the air ducts. If your air ducts are dirty, when you power on your air conditioning or furnace, the pollutants will circulate into the air. This is why some people who change their filters regularly continue to have allergies. 

An HVAC contractor, such as Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC, is the best resource to use for finding the best filters for your home. They can perform tests to determine the air quality in your home. They can also determine if your air ducts need to be cleaned or replaced.