4 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Home's Central Air Conditioning Unit

You rely greatly on your central air conditioning unit to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. With proper care and maintenance, an AC unit should easily last you for a decade or more without needing major repair or replacement. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know what steps they should be taking to prolong the life of their central AC units.

Cover it Up During the Winter

During the frigid months of winter when you know you're not going to be using your air conditioning, why not protect your outdoor AC unit from the elements? Check with your AC manufacturer to see if they sell a waterproof cover specifically designed for your unit. If not, you can always use a tarp and some bungee cords to cover up the unit and protect it from the elements until spring rolls around. Just remember to remove the cover before kicking the AC on for the first time when temperatures heat up!

Trim Shrubs Around the Unit

Having shrubs and plants around the AC unit outdoors can be a great way to provide it with added protection from the elements. However, if your shrubs and plants are located in very close proximity to the unit itself, you'll also want to be careful to trim them regularly. The last thing you want is for branches to obstruct the air conditioning unit's ventilation system, thus reducing efficiency and potentially causing problems down the road.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Find a reputable and professional HVAC contractor that you can trust to come out and inspect your home's AC unit each spring. This will alert you to any potential problems so you can repair them before they turn into a larger issue. Furthermore, an inspection typically includes a tune-up, which will help keep your AC running as efficiently as possible all summer long.

Clean the Condenser Regularly

Your air conditioner's condenser is one of its most important components. Over time, however, debris and other build-ups can block the condenser and keep it from functioning efficiently. Fortunately, a simple solution to this is to clean out the condenser using a garden hose and soft-bristle brush each year. Just be sure to shut off power to the AC unit before you do this and be as gentle as possible while you clean the condenser itself. By doing so, you can keep your AC running efficiently and smoothly. 

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