Why Is Ductless A/C A Better Option For Your Small Restaurant?

Owning a small restaurant can present a number of challenges and a multitude of expenses that you have to take care of. That's why it's a good idea to periodically assess your business to find ways to cut costs or make things run more efficiently. Your HVAC system might seem acceptable right now, but you may want to replace your system with ductless air conditioning (ductless A/C) for the following reasons.

Lower Utility Bills

Do you want to pay for cool air inside the ducts? With a traditional system, that's exactly what you are doing. The main HVAC unit sends cool air through the ducts until it reaches various areas of your restaurant.

By contrast, ductless A/C uses a network of mini-air conditioning units that cool the immediate surrounding space without an extensive duct network. You should see a drop in utility bills because you're only cooling the space necessary to keep customers and employees comfortable.

Avoid a Full System Shutdown

When you use a series of units as part of a ductless A/C system, you can avoid the traditional HVAC problem where a clogged duct or similar problem causes the entire system to shut down. That can lead to stuffy, humid misery for all of your customers and workers.

When one mini-air conditioning unit in a ductless system has trouble, the rest of the system can function properly; a problem in one of the units may even be fixed more quickly because the HVAC contractor doesn't need to examine the entire system before locating the source of the problem.

Create Additions with Freedom

One of the challenges that arises when you'd like to expand your restaurant, but have a traditional cooling system, is that you and your contractor must focus on new ducts that must be installed. It can be costly to install these ducts and it can take more time to complete an addition because of that work. The layout of the addition might depend on ductwork instead of what you think is best for the restaurant itself.

Ductless A/C can prevent a lot of those headaches; you simply design the space and put in a mini-air conditioning unit.

Ductless A/C can lower your bills, help you avoid a full air conditioning breakdown and give you greater freedom when creating additions. Talk with a commercial HVAC professional about how this system could work best for you and your company.