How New Air Ducts Can Improve Your Heating System

The efficiency of your HVAC unit is of utmost importance if you are to keep temperatures in your home warm enough without spending a fortune on heating bills during the cold season. One of the main components of the system is the ductwork circulating heated air from the furnace to your entire home.

Problems with the air ducts can lead to enormous heat loss and increased energy bills. With that in mind, here is a look at how you could benefit from having your old ductwork replaced.

Correctly sized and balanced ducts

Typically, most old homes have undersized ductwork that doesn't allow for the natural flow of conditioned air. Restrictive return/supply ducts essentially cause the HVAC unit to blow harder in order to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. This can lead to energy inefficiency and possible failure of the heating unit.

Having new air ducts installed by an HVAC contractor can ensure that the natural flow of air is restored, allowing for your home to warm up quicker and for chilled air to be quickly returned to the furnace for heating.

Modern contractors typically use technology to determine how much of the ductwork should be directed to each room, ensuring a balanced supply of heated air across the home. This can help eliminate hot/cold spots in certain areas.

Direct runs and healthier air

Old ductwork is often prone to kinks and bends that slow down the flow of heated air from the furnace to your conditioned spaces. The slow air flow leads to heat loss and makes the home heat up a lot slower. New ducts can solve this issue, ensuring direct runs of air in the attic, crawl space and other unconditioned spaces.

Loose duct connections and damaged joints often contribute to loss of heated air and allow in contaminants such as fumes from the garage, dust and pollen to infiltrate your indoor air. Having a fresh duct system installed can solve the issue of air leaks and air contamination, boosting your energy efficiency and give you cleaner, more comfortable air.

Better insulation

With time, insulation on your old ductwork can get frayed or eroded, causing massive loss of heat. At times, the loss of insulation can be so massive that restoring it wouldn't be economical. In such cases, having new ducts installed can be worthwhile, as they can prevent the loss of heated air and help keep your energy bills low. Local contractors can help you buy brand name furnace parts to ensure the furnace functions as long as possible.