Have Allergies? Make Your Furnace Air More Friendly

Does someone in your home suffer from allergies? If so, the force air heat in your home can be causing them problems. Using forced air for heat is very common, and you'll have difficulties finding a house that does not use forced air. It causes allergens to get dispersed in the air, like pet dander, mold spores, and dust.  What is the solution then? Follow these tips that will make the furnace heat friendly to those that have allergies.

HEPA Filters

Those cheap fiberglass filters that you get at your local home improvement store could be perfectly fine for those that don't have allergies, but a HEPA filter could be worth the extra money for those with allergies. HEPA air filters are capable of removing 99.97% of airborne particles that are at least 0.3 micrometers in size. To put some perspective on that, the typical mold spore, particle of pet dander, and other common allergens will get caught in the filter. A regular air filter could cause these to seep through, but a HEPA air filter will catch them.

Swapping out a filter can be done on your own, since it is installed just as if you were replacing a regular air filter. Keep in mind that your HEPA filter could have different requirements for how often it needs to be changed, so check the recommendations on the filter before you put it in.

Clean Ducts

You can't see inside your home's air ducts, but that is where allergens will accumulate. Vacuuming the ducts is not an option, so you will need professional help. Hire a professional that can come clean your air ducts for you, which will cost as little as $300 on average. You may discover that the cost is well worth it when those in your home are not sneezing or itching as often.

Air Humidification

Dry air can be bothersome to those with allergies. That is because the allergens linger longer in the air, causing them to be inhaled much easier. Moist air causes allergens to become weighed down, falling toward the floor instead of getting sucked back into the HVAC system.

A whole-home humidifier could be just what you need to solve allergy problems. While portable vaporizers can work, they won't provide the level of comfort that a whole-home system can. Speak to a local HVAC technician like Staley Mechanicals about installing a humidifier on your HVAC system, helping treat all the air in your home.