Three Tips To Avoid Serious Air Conditioner Problems

Preparing your home for the changing seasons can be an important step in preserving the comfort of the interior while reducing the amount of energy that is needed for heating and cooling. As the winter months give way to the warm spring and summer months, you may become increasingly reliant on your air conditioning system, and this makes preparing this system for this increased usage an important yearly task.

Have Air Quality Tests Performed

Many people may have the unpleasant problem of facing intense allergies during the spring and summer. This is often due to the increase in pollens, dust and other allergies during this time of the year. A shocking amount of these materials may become trapped in your air conditioning system, and this can cause the quality of the air in your home to radically decrease. To help you better manage your allergies, you may want to invest in having an air quality test performed every couple of years. These tests will allow you to determine whether your system needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove allergen accumulations that may have gathered.

Understand That You Should Not Need To Supplement The Refrigerant

Homeowners will often assume that it is normal to need to top up the refrigerant that is in their air conditioner at the start of the year. Often, these homeowners may assume that the refrigerant needs to be topped up to replace the refrigerant that broke down. However, an air conditioning system is designed to be a closed system, which means that the level of refrigerant should always be constant. If you notice that the system is starting to run low on refrigerant, you should have it evaluated for leaks. In addition to reducing the ability of these systems to cool your home, these leaks can also pose a health hazard as they can contaminate the ground.

Clean The System At The Start Of The Spring

At the start of the warmer part of the year, you should thoroughly clean the exterior of the air conditioning system so that the vents will be clear. An added benefit of cleaning the exterior of the air conditioner is that you will be removing substances that can scuff the exterior or cause corrosion by trapped moisture. Also, you should thoroughly clean the drain for the system. This drain allows rainwater and condensation that gets inside the air conditioner to flow out of the unit. By ensuring that it is clean and clear, you can help to protect your system against the damages that a clogged drain can cause.

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