4 Ways to Increase Your A/C Unit's Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances can save you money over time, and your air conditioning unit is one of these appliances. If your unit isn't too efficient, you could be wasting a lot of money. You could invest in an entirely new unit that is more efficient, or you could perform some maintenance on your appliance in order to increase efficiency. See below for tips to increase your units efficiency.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Your air conditioner is only going to be as good as the thermostat you're using to control it. If your thermostat is an ancient dial thermostat, it may not be very accurate. A digital thermostat is more accurate than an older dial model, so upgrade to a digital. There are a number on the market that can do multiple things such as be programmed to set the temperature, they can run humidifiers and some can be programmed from your phone. If you don't want all of the bells and whistles on your thermostat, you can invest in a simpler one, although one that can be programmed will help save you money.

Keep The Unit Clean

Before and after the warm weather season you should clean your unit thoroughly. This will help prevent anything built up inside of the unit or in the fins surrounding the unit from blocking air flow. Without cleaning your unit you can cause the unit to work too hard and can cost you more money in energy costs. Cleaning your unit doesn't take too long and anyone can do the job. Spray the unit down with the garden hose and water. Spray it from the inside out and then spray it on the outside as well to remove anything stuck to the fins. Then open up the lid to remove leave and twigs that may be inside.

Clean Interior Vents

The vents in your home can get clogged with dust and all types of debris. Clean the vents using a shop vacuum or your regular vacuum cleaner with extension hose. Remove as much debris as you can to prevent air flow to your home. Be sure all of your vents are left open and that nothing is blocking these vents such as furniture, curtains and other items. 

Replace Filters

Replace the filter in your system to prevent a block in air flow. If the filter is clogged it will block the flow of air to the system. Replace the filter every other month. Simply slide the old filter out, then put the new one in the same way you took the old one out. 

Your air conditioner may not be very energy efficient, but you can increase it's efficiency by maintaining the unit and your entire system in your home to help. Learn more by contacting AC services such as Classic Air and Heating.