How To Solve Uneven Residential Heating

Residential heating can be annoyingly expensive. But, this does not mean you need to suffer and living in an uncomfortably cold home just to keep your costs down. One of the biggest problems homeowners have is that their room doesn't heat evenly. No matter how modern and efficient your heating system is, one room or part of your house might become intolerably hot while the other side remains too cold. There are a few possible ways that you can help to heat your home more evenly to ensure that every room is equally comfortable.


Before you spend any money, you just need to first make sure that your registers are adjusted according to your heat needs. That is, in the rooms that get the hottest, you might be able to close the registers completely. A little bit of airflow escaping through the closed vents, along with radiant heat from the rest of the house, could be enough to keep that room comfortable, even when the registers are closed. But, opening and closing your registers is probably something you already tried. If it is not enough to fix your uneven heating, there is one simple solution.

Ductless Heat Pumps

The cheapest and easiest option is to invest in ductless heat pumps. Ductless heat pumps are convenient because they can be unboxed, plugged in, and you can immediately enjoy the extra heat. There are units that come with a mounting bracket, so they can be suspended and mounted on the wall, and there are also units that have wheels so they can be placed anywhere in the room and moved around.

Most people prefer portable units because they can be stored away during the summer when you don't need the extra heat.

Ductless heat pumps use a lot of electricity because they have to create the hot air and circulate it. So, they work best when you use them sparingly, and only during times when rooms need them the most. If you do invest in ductless heat pumps, it could end up saving you a lot of money because it enables you to turn down your thermostat and keep the rooms that are usually colder at a tolerable temperature without spending a lot of money.

This is the cheapest solution, and it is usually the most effective as well. It is certainly cheaper than investing in a brand new furnace or boiler. For more information, contact a company like Soco Air Conditioning.