Lower Bills And Longer Lasting Appliances

The way you treat your appliances can dictate how they treat you. If you continue to use your appliances without giving a second thought to properly maintaining them or efficiently using them, then it can end up costing you on your electricity, water and gas bills and it can also cost you for repairs that could have been avoided in the first place. Here are some important appliance maintenance tips you want to follow for the betterment of your bills and the appliances themselves.

Caring for your refrigerator

Leave the freezer full – One of the things to remember when you want to clean the freezer out completely is the more things you have in the freezer, the easier it will be on the unit to keep things nice and cold. The frozen products act as ice, helping to keep the temperature low without the freezer constantly working to achieve that. This means less stress on it and lower bills.

Don't stand in front of the open doors – For years, parents have been shouting, "Shut the refrigerator!" to their kids and for a good reason. Leaving the doors open while you start blankly into the fridge wondering what you want will let all that cold air out. This means the unit has to work much harder to bring the temp back down once the doors shut, the foods may not last as long and the energy bills will rise.

Clean the refrigerator coils – The refrigerator coils are located on the back of the refrigerator on most models, or some models have them along the bottom of the refrigerator. These coils can get clogged with things like pet fur, cobwebs, and everyday dust. When they become clogged like this, they won't release heat as efficiently as they normally would. This causes the unit to work harder, which puts more stress on the unit and raises your energy bills. You can clean the coils regularly by using the hose end of a vacuum with the brush attachment on it to suck the debris off the coils.

Caring for your washer and dryer

Do appropriately-sized loads – When it comes to washing and drying your clothing, you want to make sure you put a good-sized load in the units, without weighing them down too much. Little loads mean you will use the units more often, wasting energy and making them work more often. Very large loads will weigh down both units, causing more stress than they should have put on them.

Have them both on level ground – Both the washer and dryer should be put on a flat and level surface, so they don't move around when in use. This will help prevent things from going wrong with them due to unnecessary shaking.

Empty the filter in the dryer – You want to make sure you check the filter in the dryer before every load. Leaving dirty filters in the dryer will cause the unit to work much, much harder and this is worse on the bill and the unit. For more information, contact your local appliance repair services.