Here Are The Things You Need For HVAC Zone Damping Installation

Zone damping is a system where you are able to control individual temperatures of different parts of your house individually. Zone damping is a big deal for a household with different temperature needs; maybe you have a baby who needs to be a little bit warmer than you. Here are some of the things you need to enjoy zone damping in your home

Zone Dampers

This is obvious because, well, it is zone damping. The zone dampers are the actual flaps or plates that control the flow of air in the HVAC system. The dampers, which are installed in the air ducts, are designed to automatically open or close as needed so that they can stop, reduce or allow the flow of air as desired. This is possible because your house is divided into specific zones and each damper is connected to a specific zone in the house.

Zone Control Panel

Like the name suggests, the zone control panel is the main point for directing the regulations of the dampers; this is the area where communication between different parts of the HVAC system is coordinated to enable efficient zone control. Essentially, it acts as a hub for the communication between the thermostats, the dampers, and the HVAC system. For example, if a thermostat senses an undesired rise in temperature in a particular zone, it sends the information to the zone control panel which then sends a signal to the zone damper to open and increase the flow of cool air.


The thermostat is needed for reducing the prevailing temperature so that the control board can increase, reduce or maintain the temperature depending on the HVAC setting. You need multiple thermostats installed in your house if you want to enjoy the benefits of zone damping. This is because each zone in your house will need its individual thermostat. That is the only way the HVAC will know which zone needs adjustment.

Bypass Dampers

The three installations above are the must-haves as far as zone damping is concerned. In some cases, however, it's best to install bypass dampers too. As you know, too much pressure in the air ducts can damage them. Now, the pressure within the air ducts may rise to dangerous levels if some of them are closed (by the zone dampers) for control of particular zones. The bypass dampers allow the release of trapped air in particular zones so that the air pressures can be maintained at safe levels.

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