A Few Signs It Is Time To Call The Air Conditioner Technician

As the warm weather approaches, you may be checking out your air conditioner. Hopefully, you had it serviced when you shut it down last fall and the technician did an inspection on it. You may have put off any repairs suggested because the season was over and you did not need to use the unit any longer. If this is the case, you should contact the technician and have the work done now before things get too hot. If you did not have the unit serviced before, now is the time for that. Once you have the system up and running, you need to be aware of how it is operating. Here are a few signs you may not think about that show you need to contact an air conditioning technician.

Strange Sounds 

An air conditioning unit should not make a lot of noise. The initial whoosh of it turning on and then the sound of the fan blowing is all you should hear, and it should not be too loud. If you notice other sounds, like grinding or rattling, there is something wrong. It is best to contact a professional to figure out what is wrong and then fix the problem. Trying to do it yourself could result in more damage to the unit or possibly harming yourself.

Bad Smells

You should notice any unusual or bad odors coming from the air conditioning vents. If you do, you can open the vent to see if there is any dust or perhaps a dead animal in the ductwork and brush it out as far as you can reach. However, if you don't see anything, contact a technician to come and look things over. While cleaning the ductwork is not difficult, you want to have someone check on the unit itself too. There could be a wiring problem that needs to be taken care of before it starts a fire, or it could be mold and dust in the unit that may cause parts to wear down. 

Of course, if you notice your bill is getting higher than it should or the air coming out of the vents is not very cold, have the system inspected. The sooner you have any problems taken care of, the sooner your house will be at a comfortable temperature again. Never assume things are normal when the signs are telling you they are not. A well-running air conditioner should not be demanding attention.