Picking An A/C Service: Why You Should Look At More Than Customer Reviews

When you are looking to hire an air conditioning service for the first time, there is so much information to sift through. A lot of customers tend to pick a service based on customer reviews, but how much can you trust those reviews, really? It is not as though you are going to see any negative reviews mixed in with all of those super-positive ones. When you do see a negative review, it is only one out of dozens of positive reviews, and there is so much more to look at than customer reviews when you are making an important choice for your air conditioning maintenance and repair services. Here is why you should look at more than just the customer reviews. 

Look at the Years the Company Has Been in Business

An HVAC company that has been serving customers in your area for twenty, thirty, forty, or more years is a successful one. They are successful because they know what they are doing, and they do it well. That is not to say that a newer business is not any good, but these older HVAC companies are usually very trustworthy. If you have not heard anyone recommend them, that may be a warning sign, but otherwise, they are the go-to companies for jobs well done. 

Look at Their "Star Rating"

If you found HVAC companies through an online service that connects customers with contractors, look at the star rating. The star rating on these websites is based on feedback gained anonymously from customers that were contacted by the service that connected the customers to the contractors. Any repeat reviews from the same customers are not used to calculate the star rating, which helps in creating an honest rating. You will want to pick a company that has three or more stars, with preferably four or five stars, which is the top rating. 

Look at the Products They Sell and Install 

If a contractor or HVAC company promotes and sells certain brands of air conditioners, take a close look at the products they sell. If they are selling high-quality products, that might be a company you want to hire. You never know when your current air conditioner will give out, and knowing that the HVAC company you hired sells good replacement products helps your situation immensely. This may require additional reading on air conditioners and brands via consumer reports, but it is worth the extra education.