Summer AC Installation Guide To Ductless HVAC For Remodeling, Home Improvements And All Seasons Room Additions

The summer months are a time of year when a lot of families plan home renovations because it is when there is time to do the work. If your family is planning home improvements like finishing a basement, remodeling, or addition with an all-seasons room, these areas are going to need an HVAC solution, for which ductless is the perfect option. The following summer AC installation guide will help you with planning the ductless AC installation for your home improvement projects:

1. Adding AC to Your Home for The First Time This Summer with Ductless HVAC  

There are some homes that may have never had AC. This may be due to keeping the costs of construction down or because the home was built before central HVAC became a common standard for home construction. If your home has never had AC, ductless systems are the right solution to add air conditioning to your home before the hot summer weather.

2. Add an Affordable and Separate HVAC System to Your Basement Remodeling Project

One of the areas where you may want to consider remodeling to create a cool space for the summer months is the basement. This is also an area of your home that is going to need AC to keep it cool in areas that get warm during the day. Ductless AC systems are an ideal solution for these projects because they can be separate from the main AC, and smaller to only provide cooling in the areas where you really need it.

3. Give Your All-Seasons Room Home Addition Affordable Cooling with A Ductless AC System

One of the most popular summer remodeling projects is adding an all-seasons room to your home. This is an area that will allow you to enjoy the view of natural outdoor spaces without leaving the comfort of indoors. Rather than adding to the existing AC, you can install a ductless AC unit for this area of your home for an affordable and efficient solution to keep it cool during the hot summer weather.

4. Replacing Your Old Central HVAC With Mini-Split Ductless AC for Your Summer Home Renovations

If you are planning on extensive home renovations to do over the summer months, one of the things that you may want to do is replace the old central HVAC system. Mini-split ductless systems are ideal for these projects because they are affordable and efficient due to the fact that no changes or new ductwork need to be installed when you use ductless HVAC.

These are some of the ductless AC installation solutions that you will want to add to your summer home improvement projects. If you are ready to start planning your summer home improvement projects, contact an AC installation service and talk to them about ductless solutions for the HVAC needs of your project.