Questions About Your Air Conditioner

There are some questions that you can ask yourself in order to determine if you should have someone come out to look at your HVAC system. It's crucial for you to keep caring for your air conditioning and heating as a top priority for you. Here are some examples of those questions that you are going to want to answer about your system:

Is your system turning on more often than it normally does?

If you feel that your system comes on a lot more frequently than before, then this is considered 'rapid cycling'. When this happens, it indicates something going on in the system that you are going to want to have found and repaired. Not only does ignoring the problem increase the chances of it becoming worse, but it also causes your power usage to increase. 

Are there visual damages?

Any time you see signs of visual damage you need to have things looked at. The damage may show as water damage from a leak, a sinking pad under the outside unit, or even thick layers of dust showing up on your tabletops, window sills, and other areas throughout the house when you are still cleaning and dusting the same amount that you always have done. 

Are people suffering more allergy problems?

If people in the household have recently started having more problems with their allergies while they have been inside, then the issue can be related to the HVAC system. The ducts can get very dusty as time goes on. If you don't have the ducts cleaned as needed, then dust, pollen, and other particles will blow right into the room to be breathed in. Along with having the ducts clean, you also want to dust the vents and be sure the filter is getting replaced often enough. 

Is the system noisy now?

Humming and start-up sounds are to be expected, but any time you hear sounds you aren't used to, then something new that's happened is causing them. There are a lot of things that go on in the outside unit and breaks or wearing, as well as something stuck in the fan can be noisy. These noises can end up traveling through the ducts and that means you will be able to hear something going on in the motor sometimes that's actually in the unit outside. Any noises need to be checked by a technician.

For more information, reach out to a local air conditioning service.