4 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Home's Central Air Conditioning Unit

You rely greatly on your central air conditioning unit to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. With proper care and maintenance, an AC unit should easily last you for a decade or more without needing major repair or replacement. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know what steps they should be taking to prolong the life of their central AC units. Cover it Up During the Winter [Read More]

A DIY Guide To Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the ducts in your home is an essential project that you should not neglect. Dirty air ducts can contribute to allergies and might even eventually cause mold formation. Moldy ducts are a health hazard, and they can be very expensive to clean. If you clean your ducts on a regular basis, you will not need to worry about mold and allergies. Most people hire a professional HVAC contractor like one from Arlington Heating & Air Conditioning to clean their ducts. [Read More]

Get Your Furnace A Checkup Every Fall

Every year, homes are at risk of fire due to malfunctioning heating systems. There are ways to help lower your risk of having a fire in your furnace. One of them is to have a furnace repair service tech come into your house and give your furnace a checkup in the fall. There are several things that the service tech will look for when they check your furnace out.  Soot [Read More]

Magnetic Tank Patches: What Are They And How Long Can They Contain An Oil Tank Leak?

If you are one of the 7.7 million homeowners to have an oil furnace, you probably dread having to replace the tank. While it doesn't happen all that often, tanks can get small leaks that are not so devastating that you need to replace them immediately but are significant enough that you are losing oil and risk contaminating your property. With a tank that is full -- or at least, a quarter or more full -- draining it yourself and assessing the leak is unlikely to be an option. [Read More]